About Us

Cloud Nine was created and founded by Julia & Slava Di, a wife and a husband of wonderful 15 years together.  Julia & Slava have been in a "cupid industry" for over 10 years and now they attend and design some of the most beautiful haute-couture events in Miami. They bring European elegance & class to stunning Miami views & possibilities, offering you the exceptional experiences you dream of.

Our Premium Romance Concierge service is dedicated to delivering a personalized unique experience that will leave you with precious memories that you will cherish for a lifetime together.



Being Cloud Nine Co-owner, Mary is in charge of bringing your stunning but explicitly complex experience to reality. 


Dana is our social media manager. She is the one who does the magic and post those stunning images on Instagram and Pinterest, which you really like us for.


Julia was born and raised in a small but sweet European town full of of medieval churches, gardens, and romantic vibes. Now she spend most of her time in Miami designing unique chic events for people that won't settle for anything less but exceptional experience.


Slava is the head of production. He is in love with photo shooting and treats his work as art. Stunning, cinematic scenes that pop up in the most romantic photos in your life - thanks to his artistic approach.