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3 easy steps to plan picnic on the beach

Even if you are a far from a romantic person, you will be touched to the heart with an idyllic picnic on the beach in Miami.

It’s a great chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the time together with someone you are in love with, while being enamored with the amazing seascape. The best romantic picnic on the beach ideas include spending time on the sea shore at sunrises or sunsets, when the scenery is especially awesome. All you need to do is invite your other half for a walk along the beach, which will lead you to a picnic site – and everything has to be arranged perfectly by that time!

Planning a Picnic on the Beach

  • Get equipped with a nice plaid blanket, thick groundcloth, a couple of pillows and a portable picnic table.

  • Create a remarkable emotional atmosphere by decorating the picnic site with electric candles and lanterns, with a big floral arrangement or with many small vases with flowers.

  • Get something delicious to have a snack – a fruit platter with various berries, slices of mango and watermelon, vegetable and cheese appetizers like mozzarella slices coupled with cherry tomatoes or a melon and parmesan combination. Don’t forget about lovely small cookies as a sweet course and beverages in a cooler to allay thirst.

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