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Planning a date for him

The general opinion has it that it is the man who should be responsible for planning a romantic date night. However, the official statistics say that women initiate the organization of date through date planning websites much more often than men.

Let's admit that women are much better at date planning than men because they take this matter seriously. A woman may start planning a date for him months before the actual occasion. They spend a lot of money and employ their fantasy to surprise and astonish their beloved ones. Some say that most men are tolerant to romanticism, and they would hardly be impressed with the romantic evening, but those people are dead wrong. A romantic date shouldn't necessarily be about flowers, sensuality, and pleasant conversations. It is possible to find extract romance even from the seemingly brutal things. Here are some romantic date night ideas for him which both straight and LGBT couple will find interesting because they are as manly as it gets: #1 Rent a huge open pickup truck and go to the woods where you can have a picnic in the open trunk. Grilled barbecue, plenty of beer, and the spirit of nature, that is the brutal woodman's dream. #2 Visit a go-cart ground and have a few races with your boyfriend. Add a little more twist by offering a bet. Men love competition, so rest assured that your boyfriend will remember this date for a long time. #3 Visit the Museum of Sex in Miami. This idea is pretty self-explanatory. Our boyfriend will walk around this museum like a kid in the candy store, and you can be certain that this date will lead to a very pleasant ending. #4 Visit a burlesque show. You can make it a part two of your romantic date, after visiting the Museum of Sex. Your boyfriend will be on cloud nine, just don't get too jealous. #5 Rent a speedboat and go on a fishing trip. There hardly anything that men love more than catching a big fish. You can offer him to cook it together later that day and turn it into a romantic dinner.

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