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How to plan romantic date on the beach?

A romantic date on the beach consists of not only a picnic with champagne and a photo shoot at dusk. It could be way more diverse and fun.

- Try some sporting activities for a romantic date on the beach, for instance, surfing, water biking, or even riding a SUP (stand up paddle) and so on. However, before making plans for this kind of date, make sure that your partner is prepared for such an adventure.

- Organize a romantic dinner on the beach and finish it with a unique wedding proposal. Pick light appetizers that won't go bad in the hot Miami weather. Prepare some flowers, candles, and other romantic attributes. - Think about making a beach scavenger hunt. Tips for day-time romantic dates on the beach: 1.Don't forget the sunscreen; 2.Don't take any jewelry or other valuables with you (except for the ring, obviously); 3.Take a change of clothing; 4.Bring enough water. Tips for the night-time romantic dates on the beach: 1.Don't forget an anti-mosquito cream; 2.Take a warm jumper of a coat; 3.Consider the seasonality: the period from May to October is the time when the tortoises lay eggs literally everywhere on the Miami beaches. You don't want to disturb these creatures.

Extra rules: - It is forbidden to make fire on almost every beach in Miami. Therefore, in order to avoid breaking the law, obtain the necessary permit from local authorities. - It is also forbidden to consume alcohol in the public places in Miami, including beaches. Better pour the wine or any other drink that you want to have with your partner, into a beautiful vessel or a jar.

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